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CampTrip is now running another great Camping Writing Contest! Enter to win one of three VISA Gift Cards worth up to $100. Simply submit a Camping Review, How To, Tips and Advice or anything else camping related.

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How To Enter Our Writing Contest

Welcome to Our Camping Writing Contest!

In your own words, write a few paragraphs on a camping topic such as: Camping Reviews, How To's, Tips and Advice or any topic camping related. The contest will be closed once 100 entries have been received. The best entries will include useful information about camping, presented in an interesting and well-written manner. For tips on how to write a good article please see our guide. Please ensure that your article meets our guidelines below before submitting. Note that your article may be posted on the CampTrip.com website.

  1. Write a camping related article sharing your Camping How To's, Review or Tips and Advice.
  2. In a few paragraphs, include useful information about your camping topic.
  3. Submit your article to win one of three Visa gift cards, worth up to $100.

And What's In It For Me?

We are giving out a VISA gift card for first, second and third best articles. Simply share your experience and expertise with others and be entered to win a VISA cash card. The writing contest is limited to 100 entries which gives you a better chance of winning. Everyone can use some extra cash, so why don't you take up this opportunity?

Awesome, So How Can I Enter?

To enter our writing contest, write a few paragraphs (in your own words) covering a topic in either a Camping Review, How To or Tips and Advice (you may use point form if you are listing tips, etc). Please ensure that your article meets our guidelines below before submitting and note that it may be posted on the CampTrip.com website.
Thank you for participating and good luck!

Submission Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure a successful submission.

  • Use your own words
  • Please do not plagiarize (Don't copy someone else's work)
  • Write something of value
  • Add a location if applicable
  • Minimum of 200 words (Roughly 2-3 paragraphs)
  • You must be 16 years old or over to participate.
  • We may post your article on our website.
  • We reserve the right to edit any article submitted and posted to our site.
  • Please read our Contest Terms and Conditions. By submitting your entry, you agree to CampTrip.com Terms and Conditions.